27 east russell street

                  office space in the short north arts district


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Built in 1914, 27 East Russell was the home of the Central Baptist Church until 1987.  The building was completely renovated to contain 11,650 square feet of office space.  Modern conveniences have been added while historical features like wood floors and stained glass windows have been retained.

Located 1/2 block off High St. in the Short North, at the corner of Russell Street and Pearl Alley, 27 East Russell is easily accessible from downtown highways and is less than 1/2 mile from the Central Business District.

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  the short north

                  the short north arts district


The section of High Street just north of downtown and south of the Ohio State University Campus makes up the Short North, where a stroll through the area reveals art galleries, antique shops, restaurants (from quaint to formal), small bookstores, eclectic specialty stores, coffee houses and neighborhood pubs.


Since it was established in the early 20th century, this historic urban neighborhood has experienced many changes. Old and new blend well together with many of the buildings-including apartments and row houses-still maintaining their traditional 20th century facades, while newer condominium and renovated developments are incorporated in the surrounding blocks.

Even though the Short North was a thriving area in the 1920s, it eventually fell by the wayside as many residents relocated to the suburbs. It soon became a neglected commercial strip with dilapidated housing. The name Short North originally came from the shorthand term used by Columbus Police who were called to the area often during the 60s and 70s. It remained this way until the mid 70s, when urban homesteaders decided to rejuvenate and redevelop the area by purchasing and renovating cheap housing.


Greater Columbus Convention Center


By the 1980s the area was on the upswing soon becoming what it is today, a trendy, sometimes expensive, neighborhood with bohemian flair and a diverse population. The gay community comprises a substantial portion of the population, with local businesses that, while they don’t necessarily cater expressly to gay community, sport the gay pride flag.


Dubbed the SoHo of the Midwest by the Short North Business Association, the Short North is popular with young urban-dwellers. Trailblazing art galleries rub shoulders with hip restaurants, bars and boutiques that spring up regularly.

Large, colorful murals portraying everything from a reproduction of Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night and an interesting take on Grant Wood’s American Gothic, by Steve Galgas, to a mural by early 20th century artist and Columbus native, George Bellows who was known for his portrayal of urban America, adorn the buildings.


With revitalization came the growth of tradition. Every first Saturday of the month, the Short North hosts the popular Gallery Hop. Throngs of visitors and residents line the sidewalks to hear street musicians, check out new exhibits and explore the many shops that stay open late to accommodate the crowds.


Since 1984, the Short North has hosted the annual Doo Dah Parade, a popular farcical and flamboyant parade that parodies typical Fourth of July parades. Politically-slanted paraders and floats wind their way through the streets, starting in Victorian Village, at Goodale Park, moving north and ending south down High Street.


Since 1876, the North Market has been Columbus' best (and often only) public market. In its Short North home since 1995, the North Market now houses over 25 merchants and sees over 1 million visitors each year.

To learn even more about the Short North,
visit www.Think-Urban.com
Or just come down and experience the it for yourself!

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  current tenants

                  office space in the short north arts district

Suite 100



Suite 101

Short North - 27 East Russell Street, Suite 101 - Available February 2021 - Located on the ground level off our Eden Alley entrance. Two room suite with approximately 500 square feet. $725/month plus utilities. Option for 1 reserved parking space in our private parking lot for an additional charge. Call (614) 444-2100 or use the contact link below to get additional information about the building and area.




Suite 103
  Warhol & WALL ST.


Suite 200
  Interactive Group
Suite 201


An online service which helps landlords lease their unique properties and tenants find great spaces.
We also own and manage this beautiful office building as well as other units in the downtown/metro area.
29 East Russell Street, Suite 202
  O-Media Group, LLC
Suite 300 - 302




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