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There are many reasons why is the solution to your advertising and marketing needs:

reach your audience
We target specific neighborhoods and market your property with ads complete with photos and video tours to make your leasing experience faster and easier.
provide the most accurate information to your potential tenants
By advertising on Metro-Rentals, we provide you with the service and resources to advertise your specific available units efficiently.
save time and money
The calls you receive from your ads will be from people who already know important information about your property. Stop wasting time on showings to prospective tenants who decide after 5 minutes that the property does not meet their needs.
local company with experience
We will work with you to effectively market your currently available apartments and homes as well as keep your future vacancies to a minimum.
highly ranked web presence
Our website appears in the top listings for targeted area search results. The more targeted the audience, the more likely you’ll find that qualified and interested tenant faster.
We take the pictures, create the videos, and build the pages to effectively market your property. Already have a web site? You can create links to our video tours and photo pages on your site.
We can accommodate a number of advertising and marketing strategies. From simple classified ads to a constant web presence, we build marketing solutions around your needs.

Our advertising rates are extremely competitive, and we take the photos and create video tours. Contact us here or call us today and let us help you start renting properties faster and saving time and money!

For more information please call (614)464-4000 or CONTACT US HERE

Read what some of our customers have said about Metro-Rentals:
  “I got 18 calls about the one unit advertised in the past three weeks … I can't say enough good things about you guys… Thanks for your prompt work for me.”
“I have been very happy with metro rentals over the several years that I have used the service…The site has replaced the Dispatch in my advertising scheme.”
  “Thanks for all your work to make this the best experience possible. This was one of the best decisions I have made regarding the marketing of our rentals.”
"The ad I ran with you is the only ad I placed this time around, and the response was excellent. I get a better response each time I use your web site. And those who respond seem to be higher caliber prospects than I get from other advertising
   “5-6 calls per day.... Had 7 showings on Saturday alone....most everyone appeared to be ready to sign........I'll definitely use you again”
“FYI: we’re 100% leased and have one purchase contract in place. Needless to say we’re believers.”

"Dear Jay the response was fast as usual. We rented it in about two weeks, which is wonderful. Right now all our apartments are rented all thanks to your website. We recommend you to everyone who needs to rent apartments"

"…As usual, I got plenty of calls from Metro-Rentals and have managed to lease it already. Thanks again. …Your photos really looked terrific."
  "Jay, I am very pleased with the response to the ad. I would say my number one reason to continue to use your service in the future is that I get good solid qualified calls and emails. When I put my sign out front 90% of the calls hang up once they hear the price."
"Hi Jay, You have been the best source for tenants. Ever! I really appreciate your help and you can count me as one of your hundreds of very satisfied clients."
  "Jay, As of now, every tenant of mine came from your site. I'm still your #1 fan."
“I am a student at The Ohio State University, and your website has been much help to me over the years. I just wanted to write and say thanks so much for your easy-to-navigate and very useful resource. Also, I wanted to thank you furthermore for your excellent punctuation and spelling (sorry, I'm an English major with two editors for parents). It's refreshing to find a site like this as professionally written as yours -- not many people would bother."
  "Thanks for your help. It just gets easier and easier to rent our properties with Metro-Rentals."

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