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"Can you please remove our ad from the site. It was rented over the weekend. Thanks so much for always being so accommodating. We really enjoy working with you and the staff. Regards." (management company, olde towne east)

"Once the updates are complete, please remove my listing.  They are all rented.  I will repost next year when they open back up!
Thanks a million!  I love your company!" (private owner, short north)

"I am so impressed with your efficiency!" (development/management company, german village)

"The very first person that viewed the unit rented it and I couldn't be happier with Metro-Rentals. The demand for the place based on responses from the ad was much more than I anticipated." (private owner, german village)

“Our property been rented! You guys have been fabulous to work with! We are wondering if this is a record of some kind - rented within 72 hours! We know where to come next time we need to find a renter!” (private owner, schumacher place)

“We rented it – yeah! … – thanks again for the ‘only’ way to advertise a rental!” (private owner, german village)

“I got 18 calls about the one unit advertised in the past three weeks … I can't say enough good things about you guys… Thanks for your prompt work for me.” (realtor, metro)

“Thank you for your great site! We have used it three times now and love it! “ (private owner, german village)

“WOW! How busy we have been!!!...we are booked ahead for months!!...most all of this is from Metro-Rentals…some referrals... but we have not had a sign out in the yard for 3 months now... and calls and email from metro-rentals at least 5 to 10 a day!!! thank you!” (management company, grandview)

“I have been very happy with metro rentals over the several years that I have used the service…The site has replaced the Dispatch in my advertising scheme.” (private owner, german village)

“Thanks for all your work to make this the best experience possible. This was one of the best decisions I have made regarding the marketing of our rentals.” (private owner, metro/suburban)

“Great service and I have recommended it to friends who own properties! Thanks for all your help - we'll be using your services again in the future for sure!” (private owner, german village)

“The prospective tenant at said right from the beginning of our phone conversation “… I feel like I have already been there, but could we set up a showing anyway?” I had to tell you because you told me a long time ago that this is why you developed the web site. Thanks to the pictures you took, the system worked… Rented at full price…Thank you, Jay for the insight, the dream and the development of Metro-Rentals.” (private owner, metro/suburban)

“The advertising was well worth the money. I received a number of inquiries from the ad, almost all of which were promising and I rented the unit to a gentleman who is relocating from New Mexico.” (private owner, victorian village)

“ I just wanted to say that I have been so impressed with your service at Metro Rentals. It has been such a pleasure working with your staff. Everyone has been so professional and extremely helpful.” (development/management company, metro)

“Metro-Rentals Rocks!” (management company, metro/suburban)

"As always, I received a LOT of responses from your website. I also listed on, Craigslist etc but 90% of callers were from your website." (private owner, arena district)

"The ad I ran with you is the only ad I placed this time around, and the response was excellent. I get a better response each time I use your web site. And those who respond seem to be higher caliber prospects than I get from other advertising outlets." (private owner, italian village)

"Thanks for all your help in renting our units. We have had great success
with the metro and suburban listings." (property manager, assorted metro/suburban, all building types)

"Thank you so much for your service - it has worked great for us!  We will contact you when we need to advertise again...."(private owner, italian village, condominiums)

" rented in maybe 5 days from whenever I told you to put it on.  Yes the girl renting said she saw it on the site last year, but couldn't move when it was available.  So 12 months later, she's checking the site again, sees that it's available again and now is the new tenant." (private owner, italian village, ½ double)

"Thanks again for the updates last month on the Homestead site, we're received at least 1-2 calls a day for Farber House alone, not bad for a 21 unit building!" (property manager, metro)

“5-6 calls per day.... Had 7 showings on Saturday alone....most everyone appeared to be ready to sign........I'll definitely use you again” (private owner, schumacher place, small apt building)

"The response has been incredible" (private owner, victorian village, ½ double)

“FYI: we’re 100% leased and have one purchase contract in place. Needless to say we’re believers.” (developer, downtown, apartments/condominiums)

"Dear Jay the response was fast as usual. We rented it in about two weeks, which is wonderful. Right now all our apartments are rented all thanks to your website. We recommend you to everyone who needs to rent apartments" (private owner, short north, apartment building)

"Jay, Site working better than ever. Rented it in a week. Had 8 people look at it. Rented it to the first couple had another offer in reserve." (private owner, german village, house)

“Jay, My condo was rented this past week and the tenant moved in. Thanks much. I received great response from the ad on your site. I must have received 10+ calls or email leads from your site vs. 1 from all other sources I used (I used Dispatch, German Village,, etc).” (private owner, short north/arena district, condominium)

"Video tours are GREAT! Seriously, more people should do that. For busy people looking for apt.'s that is exactly what I would like to see! Nice it with all your rentals." (response to our feedback request on video tours from potential tenant searching for rentals)

"I am a student at The Ohio State University, and your website has been much help to me over the years. I just wanted to write and say thanks so much for your easy-to-navigate and very useful resource. Also, I wanted to thank you furthermore for your excellent punctuation and spelling (sorry, I'm an English major with two editors for parents). It's refreshing to find a site like this as professionally written as yours -- not many people would bother." (unsolicited feedback)

"Hello Jay, I have fielded more than two dozen calls (all thanks to metro-rentals) and have signed a tenant to a 34 month lease! Please feel free to take the ad down and save it for the next time I have a vacancy." (private owner, german village)

"The video tours are awesome. The production looks very professional. Something that is extremely informative and probably under valued." (private owner, olde towne east/german village)

"…As usual, I got plenty of calls from Metro-Rentals and have managed to lease it already. Thanks again. …Your photos really looked terrific." (private owner, italian village, ½ double)

"Jay, We found a renter through your wonderful web-site. We have used your site twice and will definitely "come back again". Thanks!" (private owner, single family home, german village)

"Video tours are an Awesome feature!!" (private owner)

"Hey Jay, well thanks to you everything I have is leased. Thanks!" (private owner, downtown/grandview, commercial property/office space)

"Jay, I am very pleased with the response to the ad. I would say my number one reason to continue to use your service in the future is that I get good solid qualified calls and emails. When I put my sign out front 90% of the calls hang up once they hear the price." (private owner, german village, single family home)

"…response was very good…Thanks again and I'll be in touch!" (private owner, german village, ½ double)

"I will recommend you highly and use you in the future if the need arises" (private owner, harrison west, single family home)

"Dear Jay, We rented the apartment… and it was through Metro rentals that the person found it. Thanks again- Will give you a call next time we get an open apartment" (private owner, german village, ½ double)

"I produce a weekly report for the owners’ which states where our potential tenants are finding us....etc: your site, the paper, signage. I would have to say on average, we get about 50-60% from your site! Believe me...I am Pro-Metro-Rentals!" (property manager for owner/developer, downtown/clintonville/grandview/short north)

“We didn't have a chance to advertise anywhere else. We had gotten 3 phone calls/emails and they were the 2nd ones to look at the place.” (private owner, brewery district, single family home )

"It is working for us. We appreciate it!" (property manager for owner/developer, short north/victorian village/campus area, residential/commercial property)

"Hi Jay, You have been the best source for tenants. Ever! I really appreciate your help and you can count me as one of your hundreds of very satisfied clients." (private owner, german village, apartment building)

"Thanks, your service is great!" (private owner, german village, ½ double)

"I’m now a believer in Metro-Rentals" (private owner, german village, apartment building)

"Jay, I am pleased to say that all of my rentals are now rented. This is due in large part to the web site and the exposure it gave me with the renting public. Thank you for making this medium available and for placing it in front of the right people." (private owner, clintonville/grandview/dublin, apartment buildings)

"Jay, As of now, every tenant of mine came from your site. I'm still your #1 fan." (private owner, german village)

"Jay, Good news - we rented the apartment- so if you would please take it off the site. Thanks again for the great advertising your site affords us!" (private owner, german village)

"Thanks for your help. It just gets easier and easier to rent our properties with Metro-Rentals." (private owner, italian village/german village)

"Jay, Please revise it to "Currently Leased". And yes, the lead came from the Metro-Rentals site. You're the man!!!" (private owner, german village)

"Thanks for providing a great service: I have had many great leads through the site." (private owner, italian village)

"I had a better response than ever. I even had people stopping to look at the garden because they saw it online! The site was also good for interested parties to confer with out of town family. Thanks" (private owner, german village)

"Hi Jay - I moved to Columbus a month ago and started my search using the internet. Metro-Rentals was one of the better websites out there for finding an apartment. Thanks" (private owner, german village)

"Your site worked really well for leads. I would recommend your site to anyone. Thank you." (private owner, german village)



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